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May 07, 2012 at 06:46 PM

GRC 10.0 Access Control Web Sevices Integration with Non-IDM Solutions


Hi All,

My client uses a custom IDM solution to submit SAP provisioning requests to GRC 5.3 CUP. We primarily use the webservices: SAPGRC_AC_IDM_SUBMITREQUEST, SAPGRC_AC_IDM_REQUESTSTATUS and SAPGRC_AC_IDM_AUDITTRAIL.

We have plans for upgrade to 10.0 and trying to estimate the LOE for the integration when we move to 10.0. We haven't have a system installed yet, and hence have limited access to the WS details that are delivered by SAP for the IDM integration. From whatever little I have seen at SMP/SDM/, we might be using GRAC_USER_ACCES_WS,GRAC_REQUEST_STATUS_WS,GRAC_AUDIT_LOGS_WS,etc and probably more.

Is there any documentation available detailing the input and out fields for these new web services? Currently the external IDM solution has acces to the 5.3 web services WSDL and invoke them with a corresponding URL. We were using the WS Navigatior to identify the WSDLs and testing with 5.3. Is this going to be the same, now that the WS are made available in ABAP or different with the SOAMANAGER being used to administer the ABAP WS?

Thanks for helping with any details if you have to share.

Regards, Anil