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May 07, 2012 at 02:59 PM

Fleet Management


Hi All,

I have two questions regarding fleet management in SAP EAM:


How can I fill in report MCIZ the three columns named "Costs per route", "Costs per hour" and "Total act. costs". By the analysis I already make, I think Total act. costs come from S061 structure. In this structure the field IAKOSIST is populated with a value, but in table S114 this field is not filled up. How can I have the columns filled?

Note: I am not using transaction code IFCU to make movement type 261 to standing order. To do this I am using transaction code MIGO or MB11


Table S061

Table S114


Under the "Consumption Data" in equipment master data, we have two fields from maintenance dates: NextServiceDue and Order Number. I already have the first field populated with data from MHIO table, field GSTRP. My question is how to populate the field Order number. I cannot have both fields populated? From IP10 transaction code, if I create the maintenance order from planned date (MHIO-GSTRP) the table MHIO is updated and GSTRP field is populated with 00.00.0000 and then in equipment master data the information disappear.


IP10 transaction code. There are only planned date without order

Equipment master data

If I release the call to create maintenance order

Equipment master data

Kind regards,

Rogério Reis


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