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May 07, 2012 at 01:11 PM

Data in RSA3 and not in PSA (checked authorizations and datasource definitions)


Added some fields (some are Z and other standard) to 0CO_OM_CCA_9 that are references to FI documents.

The problem is that I get the data for 0ACDOC_IT_F (line item) but not 0ACDOC_NO_F (document number).

Also get data for document type but not the document date and posting date.

In RSA3 the extractor retrieves the data.

I already unhide every field, check the ALEREMOTE authorizations, replicate datasource and activated transfer rules several times.

Searched in the forum but tried all this solutions mentioned before.

Could it have anything to do with using Referenced Characteristics?

Excess fields?

Other ALEREMOTE or RFCUSER configuration?

Enhancing too much the datasource?

Fields ok (green) a Not ok (red):

ZCO_BUSTR Reference Business Transaction
0ACDOC_NO_F FI Document
0AC_DOC_TYP FI Document Type
ZAC_ITEMT FI Line item text
ZAC_PSTGD FI Document Posting Date 0PSTNG_DATE ZAC_DOCDT FI Document Date 0DOC_DATE ZCO_VENDR Vendor 0VENDOR ZCO_CUSTM Customer 0CUSTOMER ZUNIT Posted Unit of Measure

Thank you in advance


rsa2.png (53.9 kB)