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Jun 08, 2005 at 11:49 AM

WinGUI vs. SAPGUI for Windows.



the terms "<b>WinGUI</b>" and "<b>SAPGUI for Windows</b>" are frequently used as synonyms in these forums, yet they seem to be different.

When I start a "<b>WinGUI</b>"-based iView in my Portal (EP6) in a separate window, what I see is definitely <b>not</b> "<u>SAPGUI for Windows</u>" (the Win32 application, that we all know), but rather another instance of my browser (MS internet explorer) with "something" that looks quite similar to "SAPGUI for Windows".

So, that is "WinGUI" then? is it a <u>java applet</u>? a component that comes with <u>ITS</u>? another "trick" running SAPGUI in a web browser window?

If I use the "View/Source code" menu command in IE on that "WinGUI" window, I don't see anything. Usually, notepad would open and display the HTML source code of the current page. Not so with "WinGUI"


Does anyone know what the difference is?