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May 07, 2012 at 10:59 AM

Reading time dependant Master Data



I have a transactional data source 0CO_OM_NWA_1 and a cube 0PS_C041.

0PROFIT_CTR infoobject is present in a cube which is a time dependant master data.

In transformation from Datasource to Cube, I join AUFNR(Activity number) of source to 0PROFIT_CTR in cube and say read master data from 0ACTIVITY.

0Activity takes data from AUFNR field and present in cube. Also 0PROFIT_CTR is attr to 0ACTIVITY hence i can read profit center from attr of 0ACTIVITY.

But since 0PROFIT_CTR is time dependant, when i use 0PROFIT_CTR_0BUS_AREA ( the attribute of 0PROFIT_CTR), i alwayas get data according to current truth.

For example, profit center 1915 was in Business area PPMV in 2008 and it moved to Business area PPTR fron 2009 onwards then in my Bex report, I always get profit center 1915 in business area PPTR even if i run the report for 2008.

My requirement is i sould be able to read business area in 2008 and not current truth.

what is the easiest way to achieve this. I dont want to enhance the datasource neither change a cube.Probably something on query level.