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May 07, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Define Quantity-Based Overhead Rates


Hi experts,

I know how can I define quantity based overhead rates : i create an "overhead rate" with dependency "Majoration Type/responsable cost center", and finaly i enter a cost center, but it obliges me to enter an amount.

My problem is that I don't want to enter any fix amount, i need just to indicate the cost center, then when i execute CK11N it must to take all of costs of the cost center.

What I am trying to do exactly is :

Charging OH on 3 materials in CK11N : the OH is the amount taken automatically from the cost center "advertising" which changes monthly.

My problem it's because i don't know how can i distribute all the amount of cost center according to the quantity of the materials produced (standard cost) :

Example :

I want to produce 3 materials :

X = 100 KG

Y = 400 KG

Z = 500 KG

If the OH is 100 000 € , normaly the OH has to be : 10 000 € for X, 40 000 € for Y, and 50 000 for Z.

Actually the system takes all the amount 100 000 € which is entered manually (this solution requires changing this amount monthly) and charges it on materials in CK11N like this :

X = 100 000 € for 100 KG produced

Y = 100 000 € for 400 KG produced

Z = 100 000 € for 500 KG produced

Need help plz !