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May 07, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Availabilty check link with MRP & Planning strategy


Hi Experts,

We want to understand how the system is checking available stocks and giving the net requirement when we run the MRP. We are using the planning strategy 40, we have created Scope of check with 02(Check group) and PS(Check rule) where we have opted for safety stock, stock in transfer, quality inspection stocks are to be considered in availability check.

Can any one clarify how this Scope of check is integrated with Planning strategy and how net requirements gets generated. Also please help us in understanding how this 02-PS scope of check gets linked in MRP & planning strategy.

In OPJK(Order control) we specify this check rule agian for the respective Order type,

Please clarify what order type is to be specified in OPJK, is it Production Order type or the Network(network is also an order). In what way this helps in MRP.

Your prompt support for the above queries are highly valued and appreciable. Thanks in advance for your replies.