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May 07, 2012 at 06:18 AM

PT 60 Time eveluation for + ve Time Management


Dear Gurus,

As I am working on Positive Time management I have success fully configured the system , But while running PT60 Time evaluation every month I am able to generated the Quota as well as Time WT for OT. But for employee absentees I am unable to generate IT 2001 as LOP.

For Ex. Employee is recording his daily In & Out Time @ punching machine every day for this in time evaluation is working fine, but in case of employee had not came for work or he had not recorded his In & Out time for a particular day it means I have no time events for that day in my IT2011 for those In Time evaluation log it is showing me MSG as employee not at work, but it is not updating same in IT2001 as LOP (Loss of Pay).

So its my request to you to through some light on the same issue. can it be possible through Time evaluation to record his absentee to reduce his salary in payroll.