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May 06, 2012 at 05:52 AM

WBS budget data not updated


Dear SAP community

We have a WBS element with two sub-element. And uploaded budget through CJ30 in main WBS and and same amount distributed to sub WBS element.

Example: Main WBS budget data SAR 500000
Sub WBS-1 budget data SAR 200000
Sub WBS-2 budget data SAR 300000.

And we have already customized availability check for actual amount exceed over budget amount of WBS.

Now when we create the PR or PO with main WBS with any amount, system is getting error " WBS exceeded over budget value.

That means budget value is not updated in main WBS and system is assuming as zero budget value.But we are able to see this budget amount in standar report.

Please assist.

But when we remove the bugdet value of sub WBS-1 or 2 on that time system is getting error when we put more than SAR 500000 in PR or PO.
That is OK.