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Former Member
May 06, 2012 at 01:34 AM

Profit Center not copied in Billing Document


Hello Experts,

I have been reading the forums regarding this but it seems that i couldnt find a solution to the issue that i am encountering.

I have a rebate agreement for several volume rebate group, during manual creation of credit memo, all materials for settlements are populated correctly in the credit memo as well as its corresponding profit centers. (Profit center is maintained in the material master, and can also be seen in the credit memo created for each item)

Example: Item 1 has profit center PC1 and item 2 has PC2, item 1 and item 2 are different materials and PC1 and PC2 are different profit centers.

Order will look like

Item 1 PC1

Item 2 PC2

During the creation of billing document, it splits into two.

Billing doc 1

item 1 PC1 successfully released to accounting

Billing doc 2

Item 2 ? Not released to accounting since profit center is not copied.

I already checked the master data for PC2, the validity date is okay and is extended to the company code used in billing doc 2.

I seem to find it hard to pin point where the issue is comming since master data is correctly set up. We dont have substitution active.

Can you please help resolve the issue?