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May 05, 2012 at 12:19 PM

SAP Inbound Idoc from flat file


Hi guys

I was not able to find a convincing document anywhere so the post. My req is the following

I am using message type SHPCON and basic type DELVRY03 to generate an idoc , the flatfile will come to our Application server via Bizlink and after that we have to do PGI (pick/pack). I have already carried out the following steps

1. Have created a file port (WE21) where i gave the path and file name in inbound file

2. Created process code in WE42 (ZDELV) and created a Z func module.

3. Assigned the FM to message type in WE57

4. Created a partner pofile (WE20) , gave process code ZDELV to it

5. Now when I run WE16 my idoc gets generated but it does not stop on my break point in my zfunc module.

Can any one thow some light as to what I must be missing here ??

Thanks a ton