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May 05, 2012 at 09:03 AM

generate snp base on date


Dear SAP Expert,

My expectation is after running snp Heuristic, the system generate snp order base on period of planning.

for instance, location 1000 has demand of 500 PCs on 05/05/2012 and location 2000 has demand of 700 PCs on 07/05/2012. I set snp horiszion is 1 month.

I want the system generate snp orders (Purchase Requisitions) with the following information:

+ Order number: 10032( for example)

+ Quantity: 1200 PCs


I mean that the system only generate one Order number for a plan within time of snp horizion.

Please help us how to configure the system to get my expectation.

thanks so much