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May 04, 2012 at 06:05 PM

Dutch auction is not working properly


Hi all, I hope you can help me with the following problem.

We have SRM 7.1

The Dutch auction is not working properly. I generated a Dutch auction with a start price,

Time increment (in minutes) and a price increment.

However, after the time increment has Passed, the next valid Bid value (on vendor screen) does not increase with respect to the price increment.

Start Price = 100
Price increment = 10
Time increment (minute) = 5
Celing price = 140

Under this information I hope that, if no bids at the end of 5 minutes, the start price should increase from 100 to 110 (which should be reflected in the Next Valid Bid). Still far exceeding the 5 minutes, there is never a price increase.

Any suggestions to enable the proper functioning of this type of auction?