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Former Member
Jun 08, 2005 at 07:51 AM

BW stats Query problem!


Hi All,

Just need some help on this:

Scenario: I created a query on the stats multiprovider.

The query shows exceptions (red / green) indicating that data is loaded successfully to data targets or not.Red for failure and green for success.It is just supposed to show colors as it is used by end users.

Problem : What happens is at times wen data is loaded fine to the data targets but 0 records updated its showing red! which is a concern as its quite misleading for users. they are taking it to be data load failed though its actually a zero records update through full -update.Now i checked the table RSDDSTATWHM for such requests.There seems to be no entries in that table too.

Is it connected or can some one suggest how to handle this scenario.Its again a production environment and needs quick resolution.....tell me if you want to knw more about it..........