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Can a quarterly calendar be created in MD25?

Dec 28, 2016 at 05:06 PM


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We have certain raw materials that can only be sourced during specific quarters of the year. I would like to create four specific planning calendars in MD25 (QT1, QT2, QT3, QT4). My issue is I cannot lock in the periods 1-Jan-2017 to 31-Mar-2017, 1-Apr-2017 to 30-June-2017, etc in each of these calendars.

Has anyone done this and have an example I can follow?



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Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "I cannot lock in the periods..."

Had you see this blog?:

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Here's how I setup the calendar in MD25

When using this calendar for one product and rerunning MRP, the Preq is now being created on 4-Apr-17. Not even in this date range.

On other codes, the following message is displayed:

Any thoughts or additional configuration I need to complete?

Thanks, NMOD

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Jürgen L Jan 04, 2017 at 09:52 PM

I am not with a SAP system this week, so I can't verify and can't check the field help, but it appears to me not to be logical to have a workday 32 or even 52 within a month.

I understand what you try to achieve with such entries, but the fields with the workdays are related to the chosen period, which is monthly (you can see this in blue letters), it is not quarterly, so the days should be within a month and will repeat each month until the the validity end of the planning calendar is reached.

I would suggest to try the same entries with a period "Years"

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Hi Jurgen,

I have made the period change to YEARLY and will now test. An update will be provided after the test.

Thanks for the suggestion,


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After setting up the calendars as YEARLY with start and end dates that match the quarters the business wants to plan in we still receive the same error message: Error Determining Planning Periods for Calendar QT1.

Here is the calendar setup:

Thank you, Neal

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