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May 04, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Authorization Object and Authorization Group


We have a situation where we want to restrict the Z-table access to the users using Table Maintenance Generators (TMG). The situation is that we have Z-Tables with data from every plant.We want to allow the users to directly Add/Modify/Delete the records of these tables. However what we want is that the user should be able to Add/Modify/Delete the records of his own plant only and not of other plants.

So if we have user1 belonging to plant "A" then he should be able to Add Modify Delete the records of plant "A" only and he shouldnt be able to change the records of Plant "B". How can we achieve this? I am guessing that this could be done via Authorization Objects. But how to assign the objects to a Table or a TMG? While creating a TMG it asks the option of adding an authorization group only and not Authorization object. Is there any way to assign an Authorization Group to an Authorization Object or Vice-versa?