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May 04, 2012 at 12:30 PM

Coll. Mngt: "No segments to be processed for the business partner"


Dear Collection Management gurus,

Once I have replicated BP´s for all my customers (with the same number), and after creating collections strategies, segments, profiles, collections groups...and everything I would say for my company code, I try to simulate my collection strategy and I find the message described in the title:

"No segments to be processed for the BP"

Message no. UDM_BUPA_TRANS_DATA154

Of course the BP selected has due open items since 4 months ago, and the strategy I am testing should get the open items, and priorize them.

¿Can somebody tell me if I am forgetting something in system configuration?

It has not been easy reach this point (simulate the collection strategy for a BP), so it is really frustrating to get such a simple message when I think everything is connected.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!