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May 04, 2012 at 10:08 AM

Unable to Post the IR document, error in MIRO for difference in amount


HI All,

I am trying to post the IR document by using MIRO t.code.Below is the error msg which I am getting while posting the MIRO document.

Situation, scenario is as follows :

I have created a PO with price of 600 USD and 1500 USD and done the GR with same amount, then when I am trying to Post the MIRO as per invoice document, i have entered the total amount in MIRO as 2100.50 USD. As have set the tolerence limit in Invoice Block as 10% with amount of 50.00 USD, i have changed the total amount and tried to post the MIRO, i am unable to post the IR document, below is the msg which I am getting while posting the MIRO DOCUMENT.

I have choosen the tolerence key as PP - price variance, only i have entered the check for Upper limit, still lower limit is not checked for any tolerence.

"The total of the partial amounts varies from the invoice amount by 0,50 USD"

Message no. M8686


The total of the partial amounts entered does not match the (total) gross invoice amount.

System Response

You cannot continue processing this document.


Navigate to the header data screen, if necessary, and, in the 'Withholding tax' area of the screen, select the pushbutton to split the invoice amount.

Check the partial amounts entered and adjust them accordingly, so that the total of the partial amounts matches the gross invoice amount entered.

Please revert if any information and how to make this as warning or how make system to allow this tolerence and post the IR document.



Nagaraj S