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May 04, 2012 at 08:15 AM

Planning Sequence filter taking Personalisation values from Query


Hi Experts,

We have a Web template in which Input ready query and a Planning Sequrence are placed. The functionality of Planning sequence is to process the entered data by refering other cube. So when the Web template executes user will have to enter the values for filter variable for the query. Once they done with value adjustment they will execute the Planning Sequence.

The filter for the query and Planning sequence are different except few characteristic variables.

The user maintained personalisation of variables already. But before executing the query the variable values were changed. Now our problem is when executing the Planning sequence it is taking Variable personalisation values (though it was changed before query running) and hence not able to process the right record.

Can anyone tell me is there any settings in WAD (For Planning sequence execution BUTTON) to make the Planning sequence NOT to consider the Personalisation variable values.

Thanks in advance,

Gopi R