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May 04, 2012 at 02:13 AM

Mass upload of Serial numbers in MIGO


Hi all,

Issue - During GR, user must be able to automate the entry of serial by an upload functionality or if there is any standard way established in SAP.

Looked at IQ04 possibility, it solves or address the issue but we don't want to add that step. already there is an excel sheet carrying serial number info, and that needs to be uploaded during GR for the quantity being receipted in one shot. These serial numbers are external from vendor.

Can we create a ZIQ04 from IQ04 so that it can accept more than 1000 serial numbers instead of 28/29 in one step?

and then use the binoculars in the MIGO serial number tab to get all the serial numbers before posting

We have copied the standard 0001 profile to Z001. Procedure - MMSL, Usage03, EqReq01. Only making sure the serial numbers are unique, no equipment record creation.

I've looked thro SCN if there are any situations similar - found a couple of threads and those were of not much help and that's reason i posted again.

any input/help to successfully execute this functionality would be really great.