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May 04, 2012 at 01:22 AM

jdbc.SQLServerException: Login failed for user 'XXXX'


I have converted a report from ODBC to JDBC with the designer.

Now when I run the report I get the the following exception: Logon Error: Login failed for user 'KIDSUSER'.---- Error code:-2147217393 Error code name:dbLogonFailed

Which is cause by: Login failed for user 'KIDSUSER'.

The preview works just fine in designer(And in Eclipse.)

Here is the code I'm using to generate my Report.

ReportClientDocument report = new ReportClientDocument();        report.setReportAppServer(report.inprocConnectionString);//getReportFileName() gets a passed in .rpt file from the file system."%20"," "),                  OpenReportOptions._openAsReadOnly);ParameterFieldController reportParameters = report.getDataDefController()                                                        .getParameterFieldController();// report parameters get set here.ByteArrayInputStream byteArrayInputStream = (ByteArrayInputStream) report                                               .getPrintOutputController().export(ReportExportFormat.PDF);Response response = RequestCycle.get().getResponse(); response.reset();ArrayList<Byte> ByteMe = new ArrayList<Byte>(1024);int read;while ( (read = != -1 ){ ByteMe.add((byte)read); }byte[] byteArray = new byte[ByteMe.size()];            for(int i = 0; i < ByteMe.size(); ++i) { byteArray[i] = ByteMe.get(i); }    response.getOutputStream().flush();response.getOutputStream().close();    report.close();            return byteArray; //passes it back to the framework to be sent to the user as a pdf file.