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May 03, 2012 at 07:05 PM

Showing Total sales amount for the customers



I have another simple question that I cannot get it done correctly

My data is having customer types and their sales values. Customers types are 'Individual customers', 'Corporate customers' , 'agents customers', 'Frequent customers'. Each type has at least 100 hundred customers.

All what I am trying to show is

1. Sum of Sales value for all the customers except 'Agent customers'

2. Sum of sales value for Frequent customers

3. Sum of sales value of each customer type / total customers

I tried to group by the customers and their Sales. However, I do not know how to omit the 'Agent Customers' only or showing just one type of customer's sales value

i tried following code in the formula, but it just showing only one customer sales valus

numbervar i=0;

if {BAQReportResult.Customer.GroupCode}<>'AgentCust' then

Please help me on this