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Smaller than, greater than limits

Hi All,

I have come across a strange requirement. I would appreciate if someone reconfirm me or suggest few more ideas.

  1. In inspection plan one of the MICs is LENGTH which has only upper limits as 1.90mm
  2. I believe it does indicate that any reading which equals to or smaller than 1.90mm is valuated as Accept in QA32 during RR.
  3. Requirement is all the readings that are below or < 1.90 mm are acceptable but 1.90 should have Reject valuation.
  4. Is that feasible to apply some kind of rule for achieving this?

Alternatives that came in to my mind are,

  1. Upper limit should be changed to 1.89 or 1.899. As a result of which absolute 1.90 would result in Reject
  2. Or description of MIC should be LENGTH (< 1.90) with upper limit as 1.90 mm as the specification would be printed in COA. Thereafter user should valuate it manually and reject if reading is 1.90

Many thanks,

Anand Rao

I clarify few more aspects here,

Basically there are following possibilities for the values in fields of lower limit and upper limit.

  1. < 1.90  = All values below 1.90 are acceptable but 1.90 is not
  2. ≤ 1.90 = All values below 1.90 and equal to 1.90 are acceptable
  3. ≥ 1.90 = All values greater than 1.90 or equal to 1.90 are acceptable
  4. >1.90 = All values greater than 1.90 are acceptable but 1.90 is not

Is there any feasibility to accommodate above cases in specification in inspection plan


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3 Answers

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    May 04, 2012 at 03:45 PM

    This haas always been a problem in SAP in the QM module. The value in the upper spec for instance is a valid value.  SAP considers all values in upper or lower spec to actually be <= or >= values.  You can definitely do as you already suggested and make the upper spec to be 1.89 as you suggested in QM.

    That probably isn't the true problem.  The true problem probably arises when you try to use that spec in a COA.  You want the custoner to see the spec as < 1.90.  

    I see two options for this.

    1.  Create a second calcualted MIC's for these type of characteristics.  Add them as a conditional MIC that is only done when the controlling MIC is accepted. The formual is simple, C00010.

    In the second calculated MIC, the spec is set to 1.90. But this value is only filled when the controlling MIC passes, i.e the one set with an upper spec of 1.899.  The second calculated MIC should always pass as a result.  And in the COA you report the second MIC and spec.

    2. In the COA you create a new FM for "insp. spec. origin.".  In the function module you round the spec up once decimal place before returning the value to the COA program.  By doing this, your inspection plan spec is set to 1.899 in the plan.  The FM when reporting this spec, rounds it up one decimal place and this value would becoem 1.90 when published in the COA.  You of course only select this insp. spec origin for characteristics that need it.

    If your lower spec is 1.50 your spec value in the lot should be set to 1.501.  When this is rounded, it becomes 1.50.


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    Former Member
    May 04, 2012 at 10:27 AM

    I would suggest you to use "Input processing " in fomula tab of control indicator in inspection plan.

    You can customize "input processing " as per your requirement.

    This indicator ensures that entries for an inspection characteristic are processed using predefined rules

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  • May 04, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Hi All, Any thoughts?

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