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May 03, 2012 at 01:58 PM

Unable to filter a measure on the last date


Hello gurus,

I'm currently working on a webI report (from a universe in Universe Designer) and I'd like to filter the datas of my report on a date without having any aggregation on my measure.


Customer Date Rate

C1 31/01/1998 0.7

C1 05/03/2010 0.2

C1 12/05/2005 0.4

C2 03/09/2010 0.9

C2 15/08/2011 0.6

And the result I'd like to have is the following, where the rate is the more recent for each customer:

Customer Rate

C1 0.2

C2 0.6

But at the moment I'm not succeeding because when I try to create a Max([Date]) (which I created in the universe), the rate are aggregated and I'm obtaining the following result, which is not what I want :

Customer Rate

C1 1.3

C2 1.5

I tried different solution in WebI, like creating a variable with the following formula :

=IF([Date]=[Max Date] IN ([Customer]);[Rate];0)

But then I can't find a way to suppress the line where the rate is equal to 0.

Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance,