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May 03, 2012 at 01:42 PM

IRPT page to show results from a RFC


Hi masters, I am a java and webdynpro java developer, now I am developing in xMII 12.2.

I have already created the IRPT page on a HTML editor, I have put the HTML code in the IRPT file in SAP xMII workbench, now according with a parameter that the user will enter in a field and press a button I have to execute a BAPI in SAP ECC and display this results.

Its been so dificult to find a tutorial focused on the scenario that I have to develop, or maybe I could still don´t know how to find what I need.

Could you help me with some specific tutorial for this scenário ?

In order to reach this results, I proceeded like this:

I´ve created a transaction with two sequences, one with a SAP STRT Action and another with a SAP FUNC action, so I´ve executed and debugged the BAPI, its working well and the results are returned by the BAPI. After this I have created a XacuteQuery to execute this transaction, I have tested that and it worked, now please I need to know if it is the correct development objects to my scenário and how to put it to work in the IRPT page.

Any helpful answer will be awarded.