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May 03, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Copying Derived Roles : Why org levels not getting maintained?



I would appreciate if anyone could advise better ways of copying derived roles under same master role.

We had a requirement to create some 50 derived roles for finance fund management.

And each derived role to be maintained under respective auth group.

While i copied the particular derived role : i excluded the users / and also excluded any personalisation.

Role got created as we wanted.

But under authorisation tab change :

And when we changed the organisation level on top - and changed the fund center authorisation group.

Said save. Although the org level was maintained, the same value was not getting reflected inside the authorisation

for the auth object : F_FICA_FSG under Fund center authorisation.

Again for : FM_AUTHGRC - fund center authorisation - i had to manually change the value, for each node,

which i maintained on top. And regenerate the profile.

Why is that so ? Can anyone advise.

This does not happen when you create a new derived role from scratch (not copying from another role).

And when you create any derived role new, whatever you maintain on top in authorisation for org level, automatically it gets reflected for fund center authorisation.

or anything else which we wish to maintain.

But the same maintenance does not seem to happen when we say copy from one role to another.

Am i missing something ?

Can anyone advise.