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May 03, 2012 at 10:53 AM

ERROR- Unable to get the Response in xcode of mac os


We have installed Netweaver Gateway(NWGW) plugin in mac os .

When we are trying to browse the services we are able to see only SDATA services(but not ODATA) in NWGW plugin of mac os.

When we are trying to get the response in xcode we are getting the following error

Returned Query URL: /HREMPPA0002PD

ERROR :: SUPJsonException:expected string, found 140/Location:-[SUPRequest startSynchronous] + 1159

ERROR :: 400:Bad request/Location:-[SUPRequest startSynchronous] + 1184

Exception during parsing response data. Error: The document is not a valid data document

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <error ><message xml:lang="en">Malformed URL recieved :no protocol: /HREMPPA0002PD</message> </error>

The above error occurred on the last line(red color) the following code which has been mentioned in this document (page number 29),

SDMConnectivityHelper *supConn =[[SDMConnectivityHelper alloc] init];

LiteSUPUserManager *supUserManager = [supConn activateSUPModeWithHost:@"xxxx" andSUPPort:xxxx andSUPFarmId:@"0" andAppId:@"xxxx"];

[supConnregisterSUPUser:@"xxxx" andPassword:@"xxxx" andSecurityConfigName:@"Basic" andSUPUserManager:supUserManager];

0262Service *service = [[0262Service alloc] init];

[service setServiceDocumentUrl:[LiteSUPAppSettings getApplicationEndPoint]];

NSMutableArray *personalDataArray = [service get02PDWithData:[[supConn executeBasicSyncRequestWithQuery:service.02PDQuery] responseData] error:nil];

And i am not able to get the endpoints. I am using the following code in the xcode,

[LiteSUPAppSettings getApplicationEndPoint];

Please provide us the pointers to resolve the issue