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May 03, 2012 at 08:10 AM

Replicated Data source not active in Quality System


Hi All,

I am transporting the objects from R/3 to BW system.

Steps I perform :

1. Transported the R/3 data sources to Development to Quality.

2. Forgot to replicate the datasources

3. Transported the BW Objects from Development to Quality.

4. Error occured during importing the BW objects in Quality.

5. Then i found, the datasources are not available in RSA6 of Quality R/3 System.

6. I collected the data source from Dev R/3 to Quality R/3 and transported successfully. Checked in R/3 Quality and datasource is available in RSA6.

7. Then i replicated the datasource in Quality BW and found Data source is "Inactive" now.

Can you please suggest, how to proceed.

Thanks & Regards,