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Jun 07, 2005 at 06:36 PM

Use Event print_list to display all search results in print preview


Hello SDN Fellows,

our users want to get a printable List of their search results in Opportunities and Account Management. I've found the Event PRINT_LIST and added it to the Toolbar-Group OPP_OIC.

Now I start a search for opportunities and found about 30 matches. By default 5 are displayed. When I click now on the Button "Print" a new window opens and shows me this 5. When I click the Icon "Maximize" I see 20 opportunities. When I click "Print" I only see a print preview for this 20.

How can get displayed all my search results?

I've tried also to implement my own print preview function as Debasish Pattnayak has described here: Calling Smartform from PCUI application But the problem is that my Access Class is only called when a Opportunity is selected. What must I do to get it also called when no Opportunity is selected? Where can I read the search result list?