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Former Member
Jun 07, 2005 at 06:02 PM

javax.naming.InvalidNameException while deploying JCA project to EP6



I have found the "JCA on EP6: Building Portal Applications with Remote Function Modules" (Mar'04) to be one of the clearest documents on how JCA from EP works. I also found the sample jca package package that comes with it to be one of the cleanest and best commented examples of SAP code I've seen.

However, after working around the typo by using "gl_api.jar" instead of "glserviceapi.jar", I ran into a brick wall. Every attempt to deploy the .par results in the deployment-time exception:

"javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Character not allowed: ' ' in JCA on EP6 sample.par"

I have triple-checked the portalapp.xml and even commented out 90% of the code in the .java source. Nothing will let it by the componentchecker.

Thanks in advance for any help.