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May 02, 2012 at 09:35 PM

Production Receipt issue


I have a BOM/Prod receipt issue when it posts the inventory account for the parent (FG) is my BOM

Parent item (FG) set as inventoried and has a GL called FG

Child Components - set to GL called RAW (auto backflush)

Sub Assy component - set to GL called WIP (manual backflush)

child components - set to GL RAW

When the Sub Assy is created it pulls those child components from RAW and puts the Sub Assy into WIP (this entry is correct)

When the parent item (FG) is completed (receipt from Prod), it makes a post pulling the child components from RAW BUT hits the WIP inventory for this FG item...also completely ignoring the Sub Assy component....which I would assume it would pull the WIP (Sub Assy) and send all the inventory for the parent to (FG) which is what is set on the item

Is there something missing in any part of setting up a BOM that would tell it to go to the right GL account??? I have checked all areas and the GL's are accurate for all the items, the BOM is set up accurate and assigned properly to price lists and warehouses.

The GL is determined by Item group in this DB

Version 8.81 p11

any thoughts?? Thanks