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May 02, 2012 at 08:40 PM

Multilevel settlement (WBS) and report S_ALR_87012806


Hi experts,

I'm working on the following scenario:

A structure of investment projects, where the AFEC is created at the highest level PEP, and subordinate PEP are associated with a position of an investment program where they get their budget, the actual charges are executed from MM and FI; they must be settled to their higher PEP and so on who owns the AFEC.

In these cases, the settlement only generates a CO document.

The fact is that the client uses the IM report S_ALR_87012806 - General list of values ​​for the regular analysis of the investment budget, but given the structure of the project, and multilevel settlement, the actual costs values of the PEP subordinates are

not shown in the report ; , neither the upper PEP because the latter is not associated with an investment program position.

I need a confirmation whether or not this is the standard behavior of the system and the report or did I forget anything I need to configure.

And thank you in advance from the help you can give me.


Rosyris Lozada