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May 02, 2012 at 04:12 PM

DP90 - additional item


Hi everybody,

I am creating a sales order detailed from a service order (pm), i mean the sales order has a separate item for each part and a separate item for the labor, so i have in the sales order:

item 1 - labor

item 2 - part1

item 3 - part2

item 4 - part3

Now, I want to determine also another material, without value, that references the complete service (labor + parts),,,, the sales order would see in that way:

item 1 - maintenance service

item 2 - labor

item 3 - part1

item 4 - part2

item 5 - part3

This in order to view the sales order with a main material and subpositions.

Now i was looking for an user exit that can determine the extra material,,, an i found the: EXIT_SAPLEBBS_001

do you recommend this?? do you know another user-exit???

I will appreciate your help!