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May 02, 2012 at 10:19 AM

How to restrict WDBEFOREACTION to perticular view only


Hi All,

Let me explain what i am doing.

I have created a Login view and on before action i am validating the required field .

And one more view is created named Registration view here also i am doing required field checking and data validation here.

Both view are designed in separate component.

Now i am creating third component , and on the view of this component i am taking tabstrip.

One tab of tabstrip contain login view and

Second view of tab strip contain Registration View. ( i have used component uses in third component)

Now what is the problem , when user click on Login button the WDBEFOREACTION Method of Registration view is also getting called and it is showing Error that Required Field is missing .

Is there any way to restrict WDBEFOREACTION Method to that view only on which it is created.

Thanks and Regards