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May 02, 2012 at 09:20 AM

SAP GRC - Refresh Risks, Functions and Rules from Prod to QA



I have a requirement to refresh (copy) risks, rules and functions from Prod instance to QA. The requirement is because QA was unused for a long while and there are newer rules/risks/functions in Prod than in QA.

From SAP notes 1373465 & 1081562, I understand that I can use Rules Architect --> Utilities --> Export to export the above and then use Import at the target. However, being a novice in this filed, I have some doubts:

  1. Does the number of connectors need to be the same b/w Prod and QA for successful export/import?
  2. Can rules, risks and functions be exported in one go? Or does it need different exports?
  3. If my prod system in PRD1 and my QA system is QAS1, while exporting from Prod, I need to select PRD1 as source and manually enter QAS1 as the destination? There are no connectors b/w Prod and QA?
  4. If prod has two systems defined as PRD1 and PRD2 with corresponding QA systems as QAS1 and QAS2, will I be able to export rules/functions/risks from PRD1 & PRD2 in one shot and import into QAS1 & QAS2? OR will it be PRD1-->QAS1 and PRD2-->QAS2?

Thanks, Jithin