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May 02, 2012 at 07:05 AM

Unit Conversion


Hi Experts,

I have an issue in the update rules from the ODs to Cube.For the Data source 0CO_OM_NWA_2-Delta extraction Netw. Activity Actual Costs.. there is a Field MBGBTR(Consumption qty enterd) mapped in Transfer rules to BW object BQTY_ENT. but not mapped in Infosurce to ODS level.

Agaign this BQTY_ENT is mapped in ODs to Cube level.

Since this was not mapped in infosurce level the data for Qty is not updating in Cube currently.

Also When i check the update rules from ODs to Cube, the rule is in Yellow colour.. with warning messages "Target unit and source unit for key figure Quantity are different".Because the keyfigure BQTY_ENT(unit=BUNIT_ENT)-in ODS is mapped to 0Quantity(0unit) in cube have diffent units.

So does this requires any conversion unit conversion routine for this?If so Can anyone please advise how to write the routine.

Thanks for the help.