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May 02, 2012 at 06:39 AM

Milestone Billing and same GL for Finished and Services


Hello Gurus,

I need help for my scenario.

We have Material with GL revenue says 1000 and for that material we provide services as well like erection process (PS) and same GL 1000 is assigned

Same GL for Both

Finished Material Cost 10000 GL 1000

Service Material Cost 5000 GL 1000

Total Value is = 15000

Now i am making milestone billing of 50% (7500) how to hit GL separately that i have combined. The issue is Both GL combined and my client need to view separate cost

Finished cost 5000

Service Material 2500

I am getting this GL 1000 as 7500 as combined i need it separately to show revenue. Any possibility to solve this issue through PS