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May 02, 2012 at 05:56 AM

Exchange rate issue - F.01


Hi All,

When financial statement is generated in F.01, my client wants to convert the values to group currency USD.

So we enter USD in the field "display currency" and key date for translation and exchange rate type as M in the tab "special evaluations".

Issue is there is a slight difference in the USD value shown per F.01 after conversion from the company code currency and the value manually calculated by multiplying exch.rate * company code currency.

M rate is saved in the system with 5 decimal places. but the exch.rate used by SAP has more than 5 decimals and there is slight difference in the decimals(as we found out by reverse calculating the P rate).

For eg:

M rate between EUR to USD = 1.32100

Cash accounts in EUR (co.code currency) = 2598.78

cash accounts in USD per F.01 = 3432.09

cash accounts in USD as we calculated = EUR 2598.78 * 1.32100 = 3432.98838

Exchange rate used by SAP = 3432.09 / 2598.78 = 1.32065. (rate updated in TCURR table for the relevant date is 1.32100 and there is no rate in TCURR table that matches the exch.rate picked up F.01 program )

It would be great if any one of you can help me understand why SAP is behaving like this and if there is any way we can sync the exchange rate as updated in TCURR table and the rate picked up by F.01 transaction.

Thank you