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May 01, 2012 at 08:06 PM

Blocking form setting changes that effect all users while allowing changes to personal form settings


My client (on SBO 2007A PL46) is experiencing conflicts where users are modifying the List of… window form settings, and effecting other users. They want to allow users to adjust the form settings that do not effect other users, but not those that do.

According to SAP’s How To Customize Lists in SAP Business One 2007 A document:

Superusers, and users with full authorizations, can customize List of… windows. These changes then take place for all users who work with that company (that is, all users who are logged onto that database).

Changing the Document Settings and Edit Document Tables authorizations seams to grant or deny access to both the personal, and company-wide Form Settings…

Is there a way to allow users to customize their personal form settings, while preventing them from adjusting the List of… window form settings that apply to all users?

Paul Sears