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May 01, 2012 at 03:48 PM

Webservice call - Unauthorized response.


Hi all,

I am making a Webservice call from MII.

Authentication has been enabled for wsdl access [Secured WS]. For this, i have created an Alias in Credential Stores. I enter the same in Webservice wizard's "Credential Alias" text box, after this i can see port/operation details.

In Configure Links, i am able to set values for the SOAP call [values for UserName, Password, CredentialAlias nodes, etc ]

When i execute the Webservice i get the following response;

[ERROR] HTTP Status Message: Unauthorized

[ERROR] HTTP Status Code: 401

Can some one tell me what is missing?

I have other Webservice calls which work fine, Only difference is, in this case WSDL is secured and the ones which are working are not.

MII version:

Any help would be highly appreciated..



Auth_2.JPG (10.3 kB)
Auth_1.JPG (29.0 kB)