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May 01, 2012 at 08:52 AM

DeskI report open state


Hi All,

Is it possible to get the state of a DeskI report whether it is opened or closed?

I could not find any property to the state of the document. I would like to know if the document is already opened. If not, need to refresh and save else need to display a message Document is accessed by another user.

I have written a custom program to automate the change process for DeskI reports. In this multiple users can run the program and if the same report is being accessed by these programs from multiple machines, report is getting corrupted and creating an another report with'~' appended to the report name.

If I can get the state of the report and if it is opened by one of the programs, then other programs will be skipped accessing the report and there can overcome the report getting corrupted.

Please provide your valuable inputs if this is possible.