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May 01, 2012 at 08:37 AM




Can anyone help me with the configuration of E Separtation.

I couldnt find any config related document yet.

What i understood from the documentaion is,

Employee Initiates the Request which will flow to Manager.

Manager shall assign a counsellor.

Councellor performs his activity and sends the request back to manager for approval.

Manager approves.

The request flow to HR. HR In turn assigns the Task owners.

Once all the tasks are completed, HR Will Perform Exit interview

After completion of each step we need to run the Report HINUEATP. Please correct me if im wrong.

I somehow managed to cross the first level if Initation of Separation request. Employee sucessfully raised the request.

But when i have executed the report, the "E - Error" column is marked as X and the 3 available work item fields are blank. The request status is changing from "Initiated" to "In Process", But nothing is happening beyond this point.

No trace in SWIA.

Added, I had maintained Table V_T77WWW_EAALC the following way.

Level Role WFtemplate

1 Reporting Manager WS77900165

2 Counsellor WS77900166

3 HR Person WS77900169

4 Task Owner WS77900164

Please help..


Pranitha C