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May 01, 2012 at 07:48 AM



We're encountering a problem when creating a material with characteristics using the retail-specific BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT function.

The material is created and accessible using MM43. When viewing the material, there is a button 'Values' to view the characteristics. However the characteristics that were saved with the material are not shown here.

What I've been able to find, is that the characteristics are saved in table AUSP. And indeed, there are several records for my material in that table. However there seems to be a difference between characteristics that were created with the BAPI and chararacteristics that were edited using MM42.

Now for the technical stuff:

We're using the 'ALL_FIELDS' indicator in the header structure to indicate that all fields are relevant for update. As a result, we don't have to populate all the x-structures for individual fields.

The material number is used in table INOB to retrieve the CUOBJ number. With this CUOBJ number, I can find my BAPI characteristics in the AUSP table. In case of characteristics that were added with MM42, another step is added: with the CUOBJ number, the CLINT number is retrieve from the KSSK table. With this CLINT number, I find the MM42 characteristics in the AUSP table.

BAPI --> char. type = 'O' (object)

MM42 --> char. type = 'K' (class)

BAPI: objek --> (INOB) --> cuobj --> (AUSP) --> atinn/atwrt

MM42 objek --> (INOB) --> cuobj --> (KSSK) --> clint --> (AUSP) --> atinn/atwrt

Can anyone please explain to me why there is a difference? How can I create characteristics with the BAPI and still view them using MM43?

Thanks in advance!