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Jun 07, 2005 at 11:41 AM

Java Mail Configuration


I'm trying to send an email notification using JavaMail API. I've copied the mail.jar and activation.jar in my PORTAL-INF/lib folder. Initially I was getting an SMTP error. After much dabbling, I figured that the problem was with the "" file (under META-INF directory) which has entry for SMTP. It was pointing to a SAP SMTPTransport class. I changed that to point to SUN's SMTPTransport class. And I restarted the server. But my changes were over-written upon deployment. I want to know where does the J2EE Engine look to deploy mail.jar (because the property file is in that jar). My suspicion is that at the point of deployment, it is looking into some mail.jar to copy the property file to META-INF. Any help is appreciated.