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Apr 30, 2012 at 03:06 PM

Quota Arrangement in Heuristic - how to fix this odd behavior


I create QA for internal 70% and external procurement 30%. Max lot size in product master is 500 for lot sizing EX and procurement type X.

When I enter a demand for 100, the system create a purchase req for 30 but instead of creating one snp plannned order, it is creating two as follows:

70% of remaining 70 = 49 and the rest (70-49) = 21 both using the same PPM 1. I think the system is coming to PPM source of supply and first reads 70% quota against it then does the above calc.

My expectation is 30 for external and one order for 70 for inhouse.

If I remove the max lot size I get the expected result.

But this does not sound logical.


external proc: 30%

inhouse production: 70% PPM 1

for a demand qty of 600, i get a preq for 180 but the remaining 420 is again split as 350 and 70 for the same start finish dates and the PPM 1.

Any ideas?

Here is the 'original scenario'.

I am trying to model make/buy using Heuristic. I can produced a max of 500 per week, above that I want to auto-generate a PR on a vendor.

If you know of a most efficient method to accomplish this using background processing with least subsequent interaction, please let me know.