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Apr 30, 2012 at 11:28 AM

Shipment cost calculation posting error



Can anyone help me with following situation please?

1) Shipment cost document A created from Shipment document A.

2) Shipment cost document B created from Shipment document B.

3) Shipment cost document C created from Shipment document C.

All the three shipment cost document pertains to last accounting period and also to an errorful PO and the period is now closed . As per company policy, it cannot be re-opened. Also, there is an other correct PO (Lets call this PO1) for the same month and same carrier.

Now, the requirement is to get Shipment cost (GR entry) out of errorful PO and delete the PO. We have achieved this by cancelling the shipment cost document and deleted all 3 entries in PO and deleted the PO finally.

After doing this, we also deleted the shipment cost document so that we could create a new cost calculation from shipment A, B & C which I thought would post in current month (current period apparently). But I still get the error that posting only possible in periods YYYY/MM to YYYY/MM.

All my three shipments are in limbo now, however determining the PO1 as its destination when we try to create shipment cost calculation document.

So, in a nutshell, I wanted all my three shipments to create new shipment cost calc document and post in current month's PO not pointing at PO1 (the reason being posting period error)

Can anyone suggest a work around?

Many thanks,