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Apr 30, 2012 at 09:23 AM

Integrate WebSphere Commerce with Navision using SAP PI



I'm totally new in the SAP Middleware world.

At the moment I try to understand how application integration with SAP PI works.

I have some experience in using IBM WebSphere Message Broker ESB and want to understand

the simularities and differences in the mediation development.

I know that IBM WebSphere Commerce provides a SOAP web service interface.

It can act as web service provider and consumer.

The payload of the SOAP requests and response is an OAGi compliant Business Object Document (BOD).

In general BOD's are complex XML elements.

WebSphere Commerce --> Navision

For an integration to Navision I have to implement the WebSphere Commerce consumer web service.

This will receive a BOD SOAP request.

Does SAP PI provide any adapters to work with BOD's or do I have to work with the WSDL objects?

Does SAP Pi provide a Navision adapter? What is the format which the Navision adapter expects?

How can I transform from the BOD to the Navision adapter format? Are there any build in filters like

a "graphical Mapper"?

Navision --> WebSphere Commerce

For an integration to Commerce I have to implement a trigger in Navision. The payload of the

trigger message has to be mapped to the WebSphere Commerce provider SOAP web service BOD.

How does SAP PI receive calls from a Navision system? Is this realized through polling

or event-driven listening? What physical and logical format does the received message have?

Is it an XML document? Is there an abstraction between the entity in the Navision system and

the entity the Navision adapter provides? Is there any support to map to the BOD of the Commerce

SOAP web service request?

Thanks for your help!