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Apr 30, 2012 at 07:47 AM

ECM status control


Dear Friends,

We have activated ECR with release key to the client.

To control the statuses between the users Client says USER1: should not have access to release ECO, close ECO and release key. USER2: should have all the access. To achieve this,

I have created a status profile with 2 levels. Level1 with access to all the statuses other than required releases. Level2 with full access.Then i created a authorization key and with help of security consultant assigned the same to particular user. Also I had put this access key to Level2 of status profile as it has all the statuses access. Lastly I assigned this status profile to the ECM profile which will be used by both the users.

But even after doing this the user2 is not able to see any check button against release and close statuses of ECO. Offcourse he had checked the buttons complete change and release change at object level, save ECM moves to header level but not able to see any buttons against close and release of ECO statuses

Please let me know whether my approach is correct or is there any other way?

Do we have authorizations objects for close ECO and release ECO and can we control using that?

Please help.