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Apr 30, 2012 at 05:41 AM

HCM P&F : MSS separtion is delimiting in background after clicking in UWL


Hi Gurus,

I raised this issue in workflow forum but seems it is more HCM P&F issue and ISR background one. Please check the same and help me.

I am facing issue in HCM Forms for Separation scenario. We copied the scenario from standard and modified it with our requirement. Logically, Initiating manager should send request to Approving manager and then it should go to HR manager for approval. Once it is approved on both levels, the changes will be done manually (PA40- Separation).

We have an issue where once it is triggering from Intiating manager to Approver and as soon as we are clicking on UWL for opening the form for approval, Holder-Position relationship gets delimited instantaneously. Not even approval is required. Strangely, Employee data does not get changedonly relationship gets delimited.

What should we do to overcome such scenarion. Am I missing any workflow setting or HRASR_DT process setting?