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Apr 28, 2012 at 06:58 AM

f4 help for account assignment field on local scenario?


Hi All,

I am running standalone (local) scenario on SRM 7.01. I have created local backend/logical system with system type "remote_01" with local FI validation, and maintained the local account assignment table (with cost centers and GLs).

When i create a shopping cart, it validates the cost center and GL fields correctly (i.e. it will only let me enter values that are in the local account assignment table). However, if i click f4 (drop down list) on cost center, it doesnt show all values (it only shows the one entry that is set in user attribute). When i click f4 (drop down list) on GL account, it doesnt show any relevant values.

Does anyone know why? I would expect the f4 helps to display all entries that i maintained in the local account assignment table, but it doesnt.